KRUPS and Osterizer blenders – which one to pick?

The Krups Blender makes a fantastic addition to your home’s kitchen. It is quiet and powerful so that you can make healthy foods in a snap for your entire family.

The 5 speed motor is ultra-quiet so you do not have that ‘blender headache’ after mixing up your favorite drinks or meals. Family gatherings are more fun when you do not have to talk over the blender noise in the kitchen as well. One of the most important parts of the day in the life of a busy family is getting together to prepare dinner and eat with each other.

The Krups Blender allows you to enjoy your time talking and laughing as you make meals instead of being drowned out by boisterous blender noises. Getting ready for the morning’s rush is easier and quieter too. Who needs the noise of a common blender first thing in the morning?

With a Krups you can make your family delicious breakfast drinks made with wholesome fruits or vegetables and still have a quiet relaxing time before heading out on your busy day. For example, the KRUPS GPA30842 is a fantastic hand-blender which offers truly powerful blending power at the push of a button.

The Krups is strong enough to chop up all of your favorite ingredients for delicious nut pancakes, or crushed ice for that frothy smoothie. Milkshakes are creamier, and soups and stews blend together with delicious perfection inside the massive canister that is family sized so that you can cook for everybody, and also clearly marked so you can make individual servings as well.

The base of the Krups is sturdy and strong for long lasting use and the big mixing jar is made of thermal shock resistant glass to withstand normal kitchen accidents. Start your day off right, and end it with relaxing pleasure with a Krups helping you create an endless array of scrumptious foods everyone will enjoy.

Osterizer Blenders

The Osterizer Blender comes in a variety of styles that are as unique and attractive as they are functional. They make charming additions to your kitchen appliances with their whimsical colors and designer looks but that does not mean they aren’t powerful.

These sturdy powerhouses are backed by the famous Oster Company and have all the super performance you would expect from any Oster product. They last a long time and perform like champs.

Mixing up the ingredients for a hearty stew, or a soothing soup made from your choices of fresh ingredients is quick and easy. The Osterizer also makes wonderful bar quality drinks that will amaze your friends and creamy milkshakes that will make your whole family happy.

You will be happy knowing that all the foods and drinks you prepare are the healthiest possible. Making drinks, foods, and condiments with fresh produce that have no artificial additives, preservatives, or questionable ingredients makes the health conscious consumer happy and gives you peace of mind.

Osterizer units are designed to move the food smoothly down into the blade assembly for a creamy smooth blend every time no matter what foods you put in it. The toughest meats chop up deliciously for stews and meals, the hardest nuts grind up for perfect consistency in meals and sauces.

Dips are fast and easy to make for the perfect meal addition. You can even make your own fresh condiments like mayonnaise and ketchup so you can enjoy great food without the harmful additions pre-packaged products contain.

Give yourself the added luxury of a good looking appliance that is Oster tough and works like a dream. Start the day off right, and end it peacefully. The Osterizer Blender will give you years of enjoyment in food and beverage preparation for your friends and family.

Creating nutritious healthy foods in your home kitchen is easier than ever before with Oster blenders. There are a wide variety of models and colors to choose from and many attachments to make cooking fun again.

Oster’s come in classic styles with the traditional two-speed functions all the way up to complete food processors with as much as 16 speeds to make heavy duty work easy and fast. With any of their blender models you can make healthy drinks for your family that are free of the harmful chemicals and additives often found in supermarket brand juices and drinks. I

f you want to create complete meals that are healthy alternatives to the greasy fast food outside you can choose processing blenders that will make everything from savory sauces to delicious soups and even grind up the ingredients for fresh pancake mixes and breads that will delight your friends and family while giving you the peace of mind knowing that they are eating healthy foods that are good for them.

While Osterizer blenders are great, we can’t help but recommend the Vitamix 5200 Blender over them. It just offers so, so much more.

Keep your children happy with high quality sweet alternatives like fresh fruit smoothies and all natural milkshakes to replace the high-calorie additive filled store bought snacks and help them avoid the obesity crisis that plagues the modern world.

Oster has an all metal motor and blade set that resists rust and is long lasting so you can create great meals and drinks for years. Oster has an extra blade attachment for perfect ice crushing and extra creamy and smooth milkshakes too so that from your after dinner daiquiri to that rich and delicious malted everyone in the family will be thrilled.

You can entertain parties with professionally created mixed drinks and even get blend and go cups for those times when you are in a hurry and need to grab your drink for the road.

Use your Oster to create quick breakfast drinks and take them on the road with you, or make that extra special desert like cobblers. With Oster you can create homemade condiments like special mustards and mayonnaise as well as healthy alternatives to salad dressings and more. There’s no end to what you can do with your Oster.

Osterizer Blender Parts give you a wider variety of applications for your trustworthy blender and keep it running smoothly for years. The Oster name is synonymous with quality and their blenders are no exception but every appliance has normal wear and tear that may require extra supplies, and accidents happen even in the quietest of homes.

The Oster Blender Parts assure you that accidents will not keep you from getting your work done and keeping your family happy. They make extra jars for those occasions when you manage to crack or break even their sturdy glass jars, and plastic jars for those times when you feel the need for a new look.

Both models of jars make for excellent extras for those additional storage needs that allow you to make large quantities of food and drinks for later use and still have a blender available for new mixes.

Osterizer’s parts include such fabulous accessories like a milkshake blade that lets you mix up thick, creamy, shakes fast. You can also get a ice-crushing blade made specifically for super fast powerful ice crushing. All their Blenders crush ice efficiently but the ice crusher blade gives you bar quality ice crushing abilities and crushed ice even faster.

Osterizer parts have additional extras available for your blenders like the mini blender jar for those times when you want a small container to hold individual amounts instead of a bigger family sized portion. You can get seal rings to have on hand as replacements.

The gasket seal is a common part that requires replacement often due to breakages, stretching, or cracking. They are cheap and easy to have on hand so that your blender will always perform perfectly. For the very dedicated cook Oster Blender Parts provide an entire ‘refresher’ kit complete with several gasket rings, replacement cover, blade assembly, and other useful additional parts for your convenience.

Having these items on hand will keep you cooking happy without stress and interruption.