How To Choose Your Next Ab Machine

If you’re on a mission to get fit, it’s probably OK to assume that getting firm and toned six-pack abs is well on your list. In fact, during a recent survey that was conducted in 2011, it’s believed that over 60% of fitness enthusiasts want to get better looking abdominal muscles.

Their abdominal muscles is their main priority, even in front of actually losing weight and losing weight from places such as the waist (love handles). This craze is largely due to celebrities on the television boasting their washboard abs while covered in wax to give a shining look. It’s all a big con really, but anyway, we’re here to give you some advice on how to go about choosing your next ab machine.

There’s plenty to choose from, so it’s important to be well aware of what machines are on offer and what they can do for you. Some important things to look out for are:

  • The motion in which the ab machine works in (circular, backwards and forwards and so forth).
  • The price range of the ab machine (are you getting your monies worth?).
  • The product’s individual rating and the reputation of the manufacturer behind the machine.
  • The warranty period of the ab machine and what the warranty covers.
  • Whether or not the ab machine also allows you to lose weight, and tone other areas such as the legs.

Currently, the two most popular ab machines are listed below, with a small review and a link to a more comprehensive review.

The Ab Circle Pro

The Ab Circle Pro has been subject to a lawsuit recently, but this doesn’t mean that the Ab Circle Pro doesn’t work at all. All the lawsuit claimed was that the manufacturer’s were making false claims with how effective the machine is. Still though, the Ab Circle Pro is highly effective and does what it’s supposed to – allow you to tone your abs and build stronger and firmer abdominal muscles. The only thing we have against the Ab Circle Pro is that the knee pads are sort of flimsy – but replacement parts are covered under warranty.

The Ab-Doer Twist

The Ab-Doer Twist is one of the best ab machines currently available on the market. It features a complex workout system that allows you to tone and firm up every part of your abdominal area, including the lower abs, upper abs and obliques. Thus far, the Ab-Doer Twist has received the highest rating and reviews of any other ab machine – so this could well indicate that it’s the absolute best machine for the job. Still though, the Ab-Doer Twist is quite pricey when compared to the Ab Circle Pro and other machines.