Characteristics That Show You Are A Good Bodyguard

People frequently inquire about the qualities of an excellent bodyguard. There are as many features as there are reasons why someone might wish to hire a bodyguard. It might be a celebrity seeking safety or simply trying to seem good for “image purposes.” It could also be a high-powered CEO or a dignitary or royalty who is facing a true threat to themselves or their family. The abilities and attributes of the bodyguard will be critical in any capacity.

To begin, a bodyguard can be requested to:

  • Make and keep a sterile zone around the Principal(s).
  • Ascertain that the Principal’s property is not lost or damaged.
  • Project the image that the Principal/s desire.

There are various “stereotypical” features of a bodyguard that the ignorant would expect to see, as dramatization and Hollywood films may have instilled in them.

Even today, some people believe that all bodyguards, whether on a beach or in the Arctic Circle, wear suits and sunglasses all the time when they work! This is clearly not the case, and it is also not feasible.

There are many distinct types of bodyguards that can be engaged in a variety of roles; some have their jobs given to them by their physical stature and look.

A fantastic illustration of this would be a six-foot-five musclebound or possibly overweight bodyguard with a massive presence who stands out and is seen by everyone. There are occasions when a more visible close protection security bodyguard is preferred, and other times when a more subtle bodyguard who can blend in is favored. In either case, both types of bodyguard have a place, and it is entirely dependant on the Principal and the image they seek to create. The larger bodyguard may not be suitable for looking after a Principal who wishes to go running for an hour every morning; if this is the case with your Principal, you must be physically fit enough to do so and not someone who will fall behind and be unable to react if something happens along the way.

A bodyguard must have excellent situational awareness, a keen eye, and the ability to constantly examine his surroundings. This quality may allow you to spot and stop a potential attacker or assassin before an attack takes place. Being proactive rather than reactive is preferable. The key to threat avoidance is to “nip an issue in the bud” or recognize a scenario before it occurs.

The last thing your Principal wants to see is his or her bodyguard rolling around on the floor with a “assailant.” This could cause your Principal a lot of embarrassment, especially in this day and age when everyone has a camera phone and paparazzi are waiting around every corner for that “dream shot.” This is compounded by the fact that rolling around on the floor reduces the protection provided to your Principal because you are otherwise occupied. Who is currently in charge of your Principal?

Of course, this is just one scenario, and you may have a team of guys/girls to deal with the threat while another team member rescues the Principal, but there are many times when you will be working one-on-one with a Principal, and your senses will need to be fine-tuned to help you spot things before they happen. A vital quality of the modern bodyguard is the capacity to think on your feet, exhibit initiative, and make quick decisions in potentially dangerous situations.

Another important attribute of a bodyguard is self-confidence; if you aren’t confident in your own abilities, neither will your Principal. When you walk into a room with your Principal, the manner you handle yourself and portray yourself should put them at ease. Any “would-be attacker” will be deterred by a bodyguard who appears confident in his own abilities; this alone may be enough to make the attacker think twice and go for an easier target.

As a bodyguard, you’ll spend a lot of time in the spotlight, whether it’s standing next to celebrities, high-powered executives, or in the political arena. As a result, you must be at ease, know how to react and adjust to the various situations that may be presented to you, and how to best represent your client in a professional manner. You will be required to speak with and deal with people from many walks of life, therefore good communication skills are essential.

A professional attitude is required; not everything will go your way all of the time, so you must remain flexible; people of wealth and fame are surrounded by a large entourage, many of whom are there for their own reasons and will perceive you as a threat, so you must learn to be diplomatic when the situation requires it.

There can be instances when you will be exposed to things that your Principal does not want the public to know about, such as business deals, medical difficulties, drinking habits, partners that their husband or wife is unaware of, and so on. You are compensated for your discretion, and you must use it. If your Principal is experimenting with things you don’t agree with, leave away since there will always be another job!

There are no hard and fast rules about what makes a good bodyguard, but common sense, a professional attitude, self-confidence, immaculate appearance, punctuality, intelligence, communication skills, physical fitness, and a strong presence are just a few of the qualities that most people who hire professional bodyguards look for.

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