Buyers Guide: Seven Best Soft Cases For AR 15

A soft instance won’t safeguard your AR 1-5 of the same quality as a challenging case.

But let us be fair – it’s somewhat unfair to compare soft and hard instances searing. Because AR 1-5 cases give you something.

Making them the best Option for:

Therefore, now we are going to look at the most effective soft cases you are able to purchase – specifically for the AR 1-5.

A design that is a traditional rifle instance is included with two gun slots using a divider.

Most Useful AR 1-5 Soft Cases / Range Bags Forsale – Tested and Reviewed

Together with Savior Urban Warfare Tactical that you also get yourself a semi-professional soft gun case without costing too much.

It packs more features and can be assembled better compared to any additional instance at the pricepoint. Combine this with a lifetime warranty and you have your self the greatest soft instance for AR 1-5 (plus among the ideal gun examples in the marketplace overall ).

If you would like to accomplish much a lot better than Urban Warfare Tactical, then you are going to need to select Haley’s U.S.-made cases which run $100 more than one.

Let Us Have A Closer Look

This tote is made from durable 600D PVC thick industrial nylon. The Rest of the features of great Quality are in place

Double Stitching
Lockable Heavyduty zippers
Protective 1/4″ Polyfoam padding Within this tote

The cushioning is thick – think about something similar to a yoga mat in this instance. The cushioning lets the instance operate and lean without any even falling against the walls.

Each one of the above offers you an inflexible, sturdy, and lasting design.

The Situation can match and Is Extremely large:

Negative note: You are able to fit two scoped rifles to this particular one, however, it’ll be tight.

In the event that you do not carry 2 rifles, then you can’t know when you are going to need the space. What’s amazing about those cases that are soft is that ones aren’t just really a ton heavier than small ones. In the place of carrying 3 or two totes, it is possible to fit all of your gear.

You may carry this bag in your spine for a backpack. Or utilize the contained shoulder to carry it in your shoulder. Both straps are both well-padded and all comfortable, I really could have that the bag.

There’s another zipper pocket for keeping also the sling and also the backpack straps. This boosts the usability of this tote and prevents them.

Indoors, you’ve got velcro straps for the rifles and handguns to keep them from slipping out of this circumstance. There’s also a more removable center divider mat separating both rifles. This way you can get it into a tote with one compartment that is enormous.

Items to Look out for

As it’s designed to fit two rifles the instance is really on the side that is huge. Even though I enjoy the additional distance, it may be too big for those who never carry a great deal of gear. If you are absolutely confident that you want an instance that is more compact, take a peek at our choice.

The zippers might possibly be bigger. Conventional gun safes will fit whenever they truly are maybe perhaps not rubberized (since they are).


Savior Urban Warfare is the gun case that is double you are able to get for your cost. To get differently or AR 1-5. You are getting fantastic value to your purchase price. The only other instance that comes in exactly precisely the exact identical budget range could be that your”American Vintage” below – continue searching for your own inspection.

Savior American Classic tote Is Quite like this Urban Warfare Tactical above.

These two are dual gun bags
Both cost about Precisely the Same
And come with about the Exact attributes

Still, American Classic includes fewer pockets compared to the Urban Warfare Tactical previously and does not open an apartment . For those two reasons, we believe you’ll find valuable.

But here is what.

For whatever reason (probably it’s due to the timeless design),” Savior American Classic has been typically the very common soft gun instance on Amazon. I needed to add it and also require a look.

The American Classic tote comes with features as the Urban Warfare version Like I said. I mightn’t be astonished if precisely exactly the factory-made both the cases.

Therefore, rather than repeating what has been said, I will look at the gaps between both bags.

And inform you why exactly that the Urban Warfare tote is sold as the winner to receive the greatest soft AR 1-5 instance all around.

Here are the differences I discovered between the 2 instances:

American Traditional does not lie apartment when opened entirely
American Classic includes fewer pockets/handles across the situation than Urban Warfare (you may also watch this to the images )
American Traditional matches less equipment from the pockets compared to Urban Warfare
However serious are those flaws?

Items to Look out for
The largest drawback of this American traditional tote is the fact it does not place open apartment when fully trashed. The zipper will not bypass the rear part of the bag. The Traditional tote is made by this:

More embarrassing to fill and load
less lasting General

The tote is not as lasting because if you have your rifles in the tote, their weight will probably push the tote and induce it to start longer, putting stress on the zippers. Themselves are maxed out, As the zippers and can not proceed longer. Over time that stress could wind up breaking the zipper.

Much like Savior cases, American Classic includes small zipper pockets – too small to fit a regular padlock. I have discovered that a normal gun lock will probably continue to work whether it will not always have the surface rubber coat (just such as lots of them perform ).

Last, the interiors of these inner barrel/stock pockets have been lined with thinner fabric and maybe perhaps not the 600D nylon. This may possibly create the pockets prone to ripping in the very long haul.


Even considering each of the aforementioned, I will easily see the way you may prefer the timeless”range tote” design of Savior’s American Classic.

And that I can not blame you – cure it does not worry about the zippers and you are going to be OK. It is the #1 Amazon Best Seller because of this.

Savior Equipment Patriot – Affordable for Cash
Savior patriot could be your most useful single AR 1-5 soft instance on the list. It frees about 50 percent more affordable compared to the cases that are twice above. Affordable price in conjunction with Savior’s lifetime warranty produces this event the most useful”affordability” choice out there.

Let Us Have A Closer Look
The soft instance is 1 3 inches broad and comes in 3 Distinct lengths:

4 1″
4 5″

Notice: Your 3-5″ case needs to fit your AR 1-5 only nice, however, that will be contingent on the magnitude of one’s specific rifle. For those who will require space for gear get yourself a case.

The casing of this situation is made from 600D nylon with dual stitching all over. The velcro is quite good – on the gun and also onto the pocket fastener inside.

Indoors, there’s really just actually a foam interior cushioning to maintain your rifle safe. There are just two straps that may be adjusted to match your firearm. A row is of MOLLE you may discover of use.

You will find 4 mag components and also 2 bigger bubbles on the face of the circumstance, among those pockets covered with velcro. The pockets have loads of space for keeping smaller essentials (firearm tool, cleaning snake . ). Nevertheless, they are not big enough to get stuff.

It’s possible to carry the scenario with the adjustable shoulder strap or perhaps even the timeless grip. It’s simple to store it and then to take out the shoulder strap. There are not any backpack straps onto that one.

Items to Look out for

Pockets have been only just a touch too much time After I got the instance I detected that the velcro slips to the mag. Without even undoing the velcro I really could take a wealthy magazine. Even though it may appear to be only just a tiny detail, carrying wealthy mags within an “open” compartment such as this can be prohibited in a few nations.

When talking with Savior, I then learned the velcro straps onto the mags might be corrected from the interior of the instance. Bear this in your mind – you should have to fix those once you get the circumstance.


You may not find a rifle case that is greater. Of course, it is going to have features and develop using a lifetime warranty, in the event that you’ll. Savior’s Patriot tote can be the best choice whenever you are on the budget.

Bull Dog Ultra-compact Ar 15 Discreet Carry Case – Smallest Ar 15 Case Available

Together with bulldog ultra-compact, nobody on the street is going to have the smallest idea that you are carrying a gun. It’s only too compact for you personally… right?

And that is exactly what I really like the most about any of this this instance does not shout”strategic” and”GUN” whenever you walk around with it. It is also going to easily fit in regions where cases will not since the instance is smaller.

Let Us Have A Closer Look

You are not even getting 3 totes – one. The picture shows two sides of an identical tote – just one for each 1 / 2 your own rifle. You package it and simply take your own rifle – out.

This tote is small – ensure your rifle parts will be maximum 27″ long. That is the length of this tote. If taken with that some AR 1-5 could not have any trouble fitting.

The zippers are heavy, therefore it is your nylon fabric that is surface. It seems strong, although I really couldn’t confirm if the casing of this circumstance is created from 600D Nylon or perhaps maybe not.

A great deal of padding to the inside and also the builtin magazine holder may fit two 30-round magazines.

There’s a divider between the 2 regions of the luggage compartment. The divider isn’t hard to clear away since it’s connected to the back of this tote using velcro.

That is where the favorable objects wind, regrettably.

Items to Look out for

You will find no straps to fasten your gun in without a MOLLE webbing either. A way indoors is a must-have, which is disappointing to observe that hasn’t been added by a bulldog.
Minus the straps onto the interior, the case seems imperfect, although suitable and secure.

There’s no shoulder-strap without a brings to install one.

The magazine holder will not always have velcro, or so the magazines may slide out after moving. You have to be careful or mend up them yourself.

The zippers aren’t lockable. It’s simply totally different from a horn such as the Savior bags preceding have, As you’re able to conduct a padlock through these.

This tote is not small. For those who have surfaced in your own rifle, then bigger scores won’t fit once mounted.

You’ll need to choose your rifle every single time that you wish to go. That may eventually become a hassle after a hundred or so times roughly…


If you want to maintain excellent relations with those who really don’t like 19, bulldog ultra-compact is very good. Just like a neighbor,” as an example. This tote resembles an oversized notebook instance.

At a backpack’s purchase cost, this instance is very good at what it can -. However, with all these features missing, it’s hard for me to take it an effective”gun tote”.

Brownells – Ultra-compact Discreet Case

Haley is. Operators are using their gear for example inside battle zones.

To put it differently, Haley is as professional as it has once it has to do with almost any kind of strategic gear.

Therefore it’s not surprising that Haley Incog will be your high quality tote in the list. At the very end of your afternoon you receive exactly everything you buy, although it’s Made in the united states, the purchase price will be high.

Let Us Have A Closer Look

Span: 3-1 In.
Height: 10″

Because you can easily see from the image, the Incog tote was designed to combine in the audience. This handbag does not resemble a gun case when getting around, and also you also won’t raise any eyebrows.

And that I like it appears tidy. They did a wonderful job.

This tote can carry a constructed 14.5″ carbine and also perhaps even a busted down SPR.

This tote is unbreakable.

From any other given side, the tote can start fast with the zipper system.

The pocket that you watch externally will probably expand once it starts. It puffs out as a number of the traveling suitcases do. And a bit fits indoors, too – watch the video below for additional information.

And after that, you have your shoulder which may be kept away under a velcro flap on the back part of this tote. Very tidy and professional.

Indoors, there’s a great deal for fixing your firearm of velcro. Even the velcro might be customized to fit your rifle. When designing the tote, these guys did not cut some corners.

The tote is produced in us while you’d ordinarily expect from Haley.

Items to Look out for

The single drawback – aside from its purchase cost – is that there’s not any webbing/straps in the compartment on the exterior of this circumstance. I MOLLE considering just how much it costs and also would have expected velcro.


Should you need a smooth case for the AR which will last forever – Haley’s your most useful option. This tote will undoubtedly probably soon be an overkill for the majority of people available for the elevated price. Look it over and decide for your self.

This could be the AR 1-5 instance which you will find in the marketplace. This case certainly can the rifle probably the level of security and sells about $20.

Let Us Have A Closer Look

The single thing really is currently keeping your AR.

Does it not seem promising? However, the cushioning is adequate and the interior of the case is lined with a gentle felt-like fabric. The zipper works and that the stitching to become consistent in my version and even was discovered by me.

Bulldog asserts this bag is with the capacity of flotation together along with your gun interior. Even though I have not analyzed that assert (and I am not likely to ), I actually really don’t really understand the idea. Especially since the bag itself isn’t watertight…

Regrettably – because it has been with bags that are more economical – there are drawbacks than up-sides here.

Items to Look out for

There ai not one pocket with this particular item. Maybe not one.

You are going to need to find another tote for your own magazines and shooting gear (or only ditch them indoors and a cure for the very best ). If you convinced that you never require any pockets Just get this case.

As you might have just a single zipper, there is absolutely no solution to lock this tote. It’s sayonara if this 1 zipper neglects.

Enormous scopes may unfit since this instance just isn’t so big. Double click the breadth When you get a scope in your own AR.

It appears this bag ships directly. Flaws appear to be common compared to Savior totes above. More importantly, zippers have a tendency to violate, and also there are occasional sewing quality issues.

Finally, this instance comes without a shoulder-strap – that is likely to make carrying it out a hassle over longer distances.


What’s my estimation? Pay a few dollars more and grab your self a proper case, such as Savior’s budget model. The cost gap isn’t so big and you will receive more bang for the dollar.

Still, if you should be on the watch the most economical soft instance you could possibly get for the AR 1-5… here really may be usually actually the main one. Don’t expect much of it.

Cases Pit-bull Tactical Case

UTG Covert Security is still yet another cheap tender concealment case for the ar-15. Why is this is that:

You can match two rifles Inside (if mandatory )
You won’t have to take your gun apart
It is cheap

Let Us Have A Closer Look

There are just two compartments within this circumstance. The main/inner compartment may fit 2 rifles and it has movable velcro straps to help keep them set up.

The bigger compartment contains also is to your own accessories:

Velcro webbing slot to get a handgun onto the Ideal
4 mag components Inside the Guts
4 smaller velcro slots to get handgun mags & smaller objects onto the abandoned

The cushioning is adequate and adequate to maintain your firearm safe. This instance is really on the side, then weighing under 5 1/2 lbs, if anything.

The case includes back straps and also drinks to get a shoulder match. But there’s not any shoulder strap included so bear this in your mind.

Items to Look out for

It is not big enough to suit two scoped rifles. You fit you with a range of 2 rifles without optics.

I discover that the shoulder-strap embarrassing. To begin with, I had to receive another shoulder-strap since it is not included. However, the are situated at the exact middle of this circumstance. Consequently, in case you wish to carry the case, it needs to be perpendicular.

The zipper will not proceed far enough to place the apartment, If you sew compartment. This leaves putting in things and carrying them.

At length, the circumstance comes as”covert” however, it features a significant UTG badge stitched about it. You are able to eliminate it with a razor.


I would simply take you of the cases of Savior on that one any moment of your afternoon.

However, you may not find a lot much better than UTG in the event that you should be on the lookout for a hidden full-rifle case that’s also capable of carrying two (albeit unscoped) rifles.

You start with the very obvious, don’t forget to assess the period of your own ar-15. They vary on the rifle’s kind. After that, obtain an incident that is at two inches more compared to your own rifle.

In the event, you utilize optics (and also you also probably do), then assess the elevation of one’s rifle along with the extent before buying. A number of cases and scopes will fight, although A sight will probably fit anywhere.

Side note: That may be obvious, however, you’d be amazed by the range of individuals who purchase a gun case and find out their rifle does not match the extent on.

Most Robust Rifle Cases Are Created in China

If you seek out soft rifle examples or range totes on Amazon and look closely, you will observe that the same models have been sold under different manufacturers.

Here is just 1 case of exactly the situation being marketed by Several businesses:

But despite the fact that those three bags look exactly the same, they aren’t assembled the exact identical. Some are far better than many others since this smart Amazon reviewer learned upon closer review.

You have to become picky with all the business which they’re being bought by you out of.

The thing is we’ve done the research and also chose the winner included in this out.

Why We Enjoy Savior

Savior makes 3 outside of high 7 AR 1-5 cases that we’re advocating.

Even Though we’d have enjoyed adding other Organizations in the record, Savior just blows the competition out of the water by using their:

Lifetime Warranty – No additional company aside from Voodoo ( supplies a lifetime warranty on their own cases to get a sensible price.

Client Support – Savior extends far outside to make sure you’re happy with your claim. Proof: If this client whined on a lineup of velcro sewing a failure in his own circumstance, Savior delivered him the complete replacement instance. I then really don’t understand what exactly is if that is not customer support.

Strong Quality – of course when you have not yet, I recommend you browse this brief step by step comparison about Amazon concerning the characteristic of most all Savior instances, their contest. It showcases excellent differences. It’s exactly the one I linked to above.

Matters Your Soft Rifle Case Can Not Can

Flying & Travel – something that you certainly can not do would be flying together along with your rifle at a soft gun case. That is contrary to the TSA Recommendations. You might suffer from issues when crossing country boundaries, based on this state’s gun laws you are in.

Security – However even in the event that you were able to fly, ” I wouldn’t suggest it. As won’t be protected by an instance that far. And it is really an actuality that airports provide therapy to bags. The very last thing you’d need is to reach a destination using a bent wall.

Safety & Security Security – Ultimately, on the greatest soft cases it is possible to just lock the zippers. Anybody using even a pair of scissors or even a knife is going to find a way to get into an own rifle.

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