14 Stunning Bridal Hairstyle Ideas For Your Special Day

Your hairstyle for your big day does not have to be stuffy, boring or traditional. Go fresh, unique, chic and trendy. From pixie cuts and braids to long, loose waves, here is a collection of the best bridal hairstyles that suit every hair texture, shape and length.

Medium Length Half-Up Half-Down

Medium hair looks great with some texture and volume, especially when styled for wedding. One of the best ways to wear this length is in a subtle half-down half-up hairstyle.

You can leave some pieces out to frame your face, twisting and pinning the top section in order to create a fake, semi-braided effect, then, gently curl and brush through to bottom part for a romantic look.

Long Wavy Hair

Long-haired brides have several options for their wedding hairstyles. However, one of the most popular choices for those with thicker hairs is a soft wave look. And even if your hair is dead straight, using curling tongs and some firm-holding hairsprays can help you achieve this amazing style.

And if your hair is not thick or long enough, then you can still create the wavy effect by clipping some hair extensions and blending it with your real hair.

Lob cut Style

With this cut back in style, the choices for short-haired women have never been better. When you do not have the length to work with, then it is important that you just add some bounce, volume, and dimensions to your cut.

You can start by heat styling your locks in order to create curls and waves. Add in a lot of texture spray for a polished, modern finish. For the “cool bride” touch, you can add a statement piece such as bridal hairbands or a fascinator.

Long Braided Hairstyle

There are lots of braided hairstyles out there, so you are bound to find one for your wedding day. Some of them only need hair elastics and a hairbrush. From French and Dutch to the classic pull-through and three-strand braids, your options are endless.

Most braids look best with a chic hair so clip in hair extensions and start taking care of your hair for a mane that is in perfect condition on your big day.

Glam Ponytail Hairstyle

The ponytail is one of the most common and versatile hairstyles out there. And even on your wedding day, you can rock this style and take it to a whole new level by adding some intricate details.

For a flattering look, you need to create lots of volume and thickness at the crown of your head. The bonus with a ponytail is that there will be no hair to hide or distract your makeup. Plus, you can show off a pair of some stunning statement earrings too.

Romantic Bridal Updo

If you have always dreamed of becoming a fairytale princess, then the romantic updo is the right one for you. This hairstyle is all about the feminine details such as flowers and braids. They are not too polished or smooth.

Keep in mind not to plait your hair too tight and to leave a few pieces out in order to flatter your face and soften the look. Tiny flowers can suit the romantic updo since they are small enough not to distract from the braided details.

Half Braided Hairstyle

For those who do not have an ultra-long hair, you can still show off a gorgeous braided bridal hair. Using just a few pieces from the top section of your mane, you can create at least 2 simple 3-strand plaits starting from your temples.

Then braid it towards the back of your head, securing them with a statement floral clip. You can leave the rest of your locks in soft waves, making it look thicker.

Simple Bridal Hairstyle

For the brides who wish for a quick and easy look on their big day, a simple bridal hairstyle should be enough. One of the best options is to go for a blow-dry.

After that, you just need to create subtle wave effect under a few minutes or run a straightener through your hair for a sleek finish. But, do keep in mind that simple bridal hairdo has more focus on your haircut, so make sure that you go for a trim before your big day.

Chignon Hairstyle

For a classic formal hairdo, the chignon is your best bet. A massive trend back in the 90s, chignon is having a comeback. This hairstyle offers a polished and sophisticated finish to any look.

This hairstyle goes really well with a silk slip-style wedding gown, making it a perfect choice for modern brides who wants a minimalist aesthetics.

Bridal Loose Waves


For the brides who are planning to have a beach wedding, loose waves hairstyle is the best. This hairstyle suit those with thick and naturally long hair with a wavy texture.

In order to make the most out of this style, you need to dust your roots with volumizing powder and a finishing spray in order to prevent the waves from getting fluffy.

Bridal loose waves look even more beautiful when paired with other bridal hair accessories such as headbands, flowers, and clips.

Bridal Side Braid

For the brides who are into bohemian weddings, a side braid is a great choice. It is stylish and feminine without being too fussy or hassles. Since the hairstyle looks best when worn in a relaxed and loose way, you will never have to worry about fixing your hair on your wedding day.

Side bridal braids are romantic and effortless style which get better the longer you wear it. Plus, you will not fall victim tosudden weather changes, such as humidity or wind.

Bridal Ballerina Bun

Once a popular bridal hairstyle in the early 200s, the bridal ballerina bun is making a comeback. This is because it offers the classic elegant and puts your bridal makeup in the spotlight.

This hairstyle suits those with high cheekbones and oval face shapes. And since it draws the eyes up, it is the perfect partner for bold eye make-up. It is also a great choice if you wish to show off your jewelry, a statement diamond choker or a pair of elegant earrings.

Most brides will choose to pair this hairdo with a ballet-inspired wedding gown. But, ensure that you do not go too heavy with the tulle since you do not want to look like you are wearing a costume.

Bridal French Twist

Just like chignon, the French twist is also a gorgeous and classy bridal hairstyle that was popular in the 1970s, 60s, and 50s.

The French twist is a more formal hairdo, so it suits the brides who are having a traditional wedding. Furthermore, it is a relaxed style that can be created by just gathering and twisting your locks until it folds in on itself and finally securing it with a comb, slides or pins.

Effortless Bridal Braided Halo

If you wish to look angelic and beautiful on your wedding day, then you simply need to try the braided halo. It supposed to look effortless, imperfect, romantic and soft.

In addition, a braided halo is also a great choice for the brides with balayage or highlighted hair, since it shows off the different tones of your locks.